Aamie + Jim | St. John’s, Newfoundland Wedding

Shooting another photographer’s wedding is nothing short of an honor, especially when that photographer is the one and only Aamie Gillam. She’s my soul sister, no doubt.

Really enjoyed the carefree energy Aamie, Jim and their friends brought to the day – they were up for anything, and you knows we loves a good adventure.Aamie+Jim Wedding_0012 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0025 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0036 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0052 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0065 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0072 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0074 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0080 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0087 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0093 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0102 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0115 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0160 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0167 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0179 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0182 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0188 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0191 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0203 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0210 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0212 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0216 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0239 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0247 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0257 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0281 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0294 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0325 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0329 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0374 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0397 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0423 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0431 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0437 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0461 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0608 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0620 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0625 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0633 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0649 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0664 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0713 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0716 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0724 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0727 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0734 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0738 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0741 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0764 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0769 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0770 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0779 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0784 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0799 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0772 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0829 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0834 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0840 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0901 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0906 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0917 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0924 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0929 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0937 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0943 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0959 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0966 Aamie+Jim Wedding_0982 Aamie+Jim Wedding_1031 Aamie+Jim Wedding_1035 Aamie+Jim Wedding_1039 Aamie+Jim Wedding_1050 Aamie+Jim Wedding_1056 Aamie+Jim Wedding_1065 Aamie+Jim Wedding_1079 Aamie+Jim Wedding_1081 Aamie+Jim Wedding_1089 Aamie+Jim Wedding_1122 Aamie+Jim Wedding_1127 Aamie+Jim Wedding_1150 Aamie+Jim Wedding_1175 Aamie+Jim Wedding_1193 Aamie+Jim Wedding_1246 Aamie+Jim Wedding_1310 Aamie+Jim Wedding_1311 Aamie+Jim Wedding_1313 Aamie+Jim Wedding_1510

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