Jon + Rhonda | Fort Amherst Elopement | St. John’s, Newfoundland

Sometimes a big festival wedding and celebration with you being the center of attention for three hundred people isn’t everyones cup of tea. Jon and Rhonda had never been to Newfoundland together, but thought it would be the most perfect location for them to escape and take the plunge. They had decided with the help of their close friends, they were going to elope on this beautiful rock of ours. I offered up a few locations for a ceremony location, and the moment they saw Fort Amherst they thought ‘Why not get married in old fort ruins on the side of a cliff?’ and it was done.


JonRhondaHIGH0010 JonRhondaHIGH0021 JonRhondaHIGH0023 JonRhondaHIGH0033 JonRhondaHIGH0035 JonRhondaHIGH0050 JonRhondaHIGH0051 JonRhondaHIGH0061 JonRhondaHIGH0062 JonRhondaHIGH0069 JonRhondaHIGH0071 JonRhondaHIGH0080 JonRhondaHIGH0086 JonRhondaHIGH0090 JonRhondaHIGH0094 JonRhondaHIGH0098 JonRhondaHIGH0107 JonRhondaHIGH0108 JonRhondaHIGH0131 JonRhondaHIGH0151 JonRhondaHIGH0171 JonRhondaHIGH0177 JonRhondaHIGH0181 JonRhondaHIGH0197 JonRhondaHIGH0204 JonRhondaHIGH0237 JonRhondaHIGH0243 JonRhondaHIGH0292

A few weeks before the wedding, Jon’s mother called me to try and hook up something unique and lovely for the couple on their wedding day. She wanted Newfoundland and she wanted over the top – so we settled on a surprise Newfoundland dog visit! Danny surprised them on their walk down from Fort Amherst, with a little note from Mom.

JonRhondaHIGH0294 JonRhondaHIGH0299 JonRhondaHIGH0301 JonRhondaHIGH0302 JonRhondaHIGH0313 JonRhondaHIGH0316 JonRhondaHIGH0343 JonRhondaHIGH0347 JonRhondaHIGH0362 JonRhondaHIGH0391 JonRhondaHIGH0393 JonRhondaHIGH0395 JonRhondaHIGH0408 JonRhondaHIGH0410 JonRhondaHIGH0416 JonRhondaHIGH0456 JonRhondaHIGH0457 JonRhondaHIGH0474 JonRhondaHIGH0479


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