Lauren + Jeff | Offbeat St. John’s Lester’s Farm Wedding

Jeff stole her heart when she was barely in Junior High, Lauren’s the salt to his pepper. Both of them have super awesome outlooks on life, and are some of the raddest stylish people around.

Another laid back couple, who went with the flow and really enjoyed their wedding day. It’s really all about enjoying the day, not for what it’s “supposed to be” but for what it is.  I’m just along for the ride.

Jeff+Lauren1224 Jeff+Lauren1229 Jeff+Lauren1237 Jeff+Lauren1259

Lauren’s talented mother made her wedding dress with the help of a friend, sometimes a bridal salon isn’t the answer… especially if your mother is this wicked!

Jeff+Lauren1262 Jeff+Lauren1270 Jeff+Lauren1280 Jeff+Lauren1291 Jeff+Lauren1297 Jeff+Lauren1305 Jeff+Lauren1309 Jeff+Lauren1312 Jeff+Lauren1314

This image remains to be one of my favorite images from a wedding I’ve ever shot. I’ve never seen a prouder father as Lauren walked down the stairs. He loved his family and especially his little girl as much as man could physically love and he was not afraid to let the world know.

Jeff+Lauren1319 Jeff+Lauren1320 Jeff+Lauren1348  Jeff+Lauren1394 Jeff+Lauren1413 Jeff+Lauren1419 Jeff+Lauren1422 Jeff+Lauren1425 Jeff+Lauren1427 Jeff+Lauren1438 Jeff+Lauren1441 Jeff+Lauren1494

At the time of the wedding Lauren’s grandfather was in the hospital and we took time from portraits to stop and visit him, his eyes lit up like diamonds when Lauren and Jeff walked in the room.

Jeff+Lauren1582 (2) Jeff+Lauren1594 Jeff+Lauren1596

Fogtown let us take over for a bit, 90% of my dude friends get their cut and shave here. So many handsome men roaming St. John’s thanks to the great guys here!

Jeff+Lauren1598 Jeff+Lauren1602  Jeff+Lauren1622 Jeff+Lauren1628 Jeff+Lauren1631  Jeff+Lauren1647 Jeff+Lauren1654


Jeff+Lauren1675 Jeff+Lauren1689 Jeff+Lauren1700 Jeff+Lauren1705 Jeff+Lauren1707


Jeff+Lauren1376 Jeff+Lauren1377 Jeff+Lauren1378 Jeff+Lauren1383 Jeff+Lauren1723


Lauren and Jeff chose Lauren’s parents anniversary as their wedding date, and surprised her mother with a vow-renewal at the end of the dinner!

Jeff+Lauren1743 Jeff+Lauren1746 Jeff+Lauren1752 Jeff+Lauren1767 Jeff+Lauren1778 Jeff+Lauren1784 Jeff+Lauren1790 Jeff+Lauren1793  Jeff+Lauren1803

Jeff+Lauren1798Jeff+Lauren1809 Jeff+Lauren1822 Jeff+Lauren1829 Jeff+Lauren1836

Just a quick late night portrait with the groomsmen and members of Jeff’s band, also known as my ridiculous friends Adam and Tim. Jeff+Lauren1918 Jeff+Lauren1924

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  1. looove the farm location! such a cool wedding.

    April 8, 2014 at 2:40 pm

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