Victoria + Darryl | Strawberry Hill Rustic Newfoundland Wedding

We’re waiting out a giant storm here in Newfoundland at the moment, so I’m going back to a super bright, warm and romantic day in July, starring Victoria and Darryl. I would love to clone Victoria, because that girl just GOT me. It wasn’t because she shared the same wedding venue, or that her style was so similar to mine but because she understood that to get those “pinterest worthy” shots; sometimes you need to make tiny sacrifices… like darting out in the middle of supper for a few sun drenched shots.

Daryl and Victoria were both so carefree, relaxed and fun to be around that we ended up shooting way into the night. I know it’s not possible for every bride to think about photos in every aspect of planning, but it seems some how Victoria did. From the table decor, to the willingness to go anywhere for the right shot or light, to giving me the free will to capture the wedding day as it was.

I always joke I’m an extended part of the bridal party, because I’m usually with you even more than your maids; and sometimes the Groom on your wedding day! It’s important to feel comfortable and relaxed, just like I’m one of the crowd; so that the shots can be as natural and candid as possible.

Of course I’ll give direction where direction is needed, but I really want you to be yourself! Your wacky, silly, offbeat, fun, ridiculous own self!

Victoria+Darryl0004 Victoria+Darryl0005 Victoria+Darryl0006 Victoria+Darryl0040 Victoria+Darryl0081 Victoria+Darryl0086 Victoria+Darryl0093 Victoria+Darryl0105 Victoria+Darryl0118 Victoria+Darryl0119 Victoria+Darryl0126 Victoria+Darryl0127         Victoria+Darryl0151 Victoria+Darryl0157 Victoria+Darryl0159 Victoria+Darryl0163 Victoria+Darryl0166 Victoria+Darryl0178 Victoria+Darryl0184 Victoria+Darryl0189

Victoria+Darryl0144Victoria+Darryl0217 Victoria+Darryl0223 Victoria+Darryl0230 Victoria+Darryl0238 Victoria+Darryl0274 Victoria+Darryl0276 Victoria+Darryl0282 Victoria+Darryl0369 Victoria+Darryl0393 Victoria+Darryl0496 Victoria+Darryl0515 Victoria+Darryl0547 Victoria+Darryl0554 Victoria+Darryl0581 Victoria+Darryl0595 Victoria+Darryl0621 Victoria+Darryl0628 Victoria+Darryl0634 Victoria+Darryl0641 Victoria+Darryl0643 Victoria+Darryl0647 Victoria+Darryl0654 Victoria+Darryl0666 Victoria+Darryl0667 Victoria+Darryl0677 Victoria+Darryl0681 Victoria+Darryl0689 Victoria+Darryl0690 Victoria+Darryl0700 Victoria+Darryl0710

Victoria+Darryl0130Victoria+Darryl0724Victoria+Darryl0725 Victoria+Darryl0763






Victoria+Darryl0139Victoria+Darryl0781 Victoria+Darryl0793 Victoria+Darryl0794

I ran up, between courses and whispered into Victoria’s ear: “the sun is setting” her and Darryl pushed back their chairs and dashed out of the tent with me. Sometimes, you gotta let your guests drink that extra glass of wine, between courses so you can get just another minute alone together. Much sun. Very pretty.
Victoria+Darryl0811 Victoria+Darryl0824 Victoria+Darryl0826 Victoria+Darryl0829 Victoria+Darryl0873 Victoria+Darryl0883 Victoria+Darryl0901 Victoria+Darryl0904

Victoria+Darryl1013Victoria+Darryl0906 Victoria+Darryl0909 Victoria+Darryl0940 Victoria+Darryl0950 Victoria+Darryl0956a Victoria+Darryl0967 Victoria+Darryl0974 Victoria+Darryl0977 Victoria+Darryl0981 Victoria+Darryl0985

Jagerbombs and poutine are the recipe for ANY good wedding!!

Victoria+Darryl0995 Victoria+Darryl1007


One response

  1. love it!! and their reception looks like a dream. wicked job!

    March 26, 2014 at 7:32 pm

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