You’ve got dreams, it’s time to start living them. aka; Win your dream engagement shoot

Are you engaged? Have an idea for the most amazing/adorable on location shoot you’d LOVE to do? Tell me your creative dreams –  I want to make them a reality. Every person is so unique and I believe that your engagement photos should show not only your love – but who you are and what brought you together. Did you meet at the library studying for finals? Do you love the outdoors and camping? Do you both love coffee and books? Can’t go a day without buying new vinyl? Run with your heart and your mind.. ♥

The most creative idea that can be shot in the St. John’s area wins their dream engagement shoot – on me!!! The final decision will be made my me and my minions, we hold no bias – we absolutely love when a couple really digs into who they are for some love & fun 🙂

e-mail me your idea and photo to before April 30th



Candice & Stephen E-Session


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