New Additions!

I have a few new faces by my side this year.

Introducing… Julie.


Julie’s my new side kick who makes sure all my lenses stay alive, that I’m fed snacks throughout the day, that I don’t lock my keys in my car and that my clients have everything they need while we’re shooting. (Plus, she’s learning her way around a camera so she’ll be taking shots with me too!)

I may be biased, but I think I have the best looking male assistant in the world. Introducing (although some of you have already met him)… Conrad!


Conrad’s a lighting genius and has mad skills behind the camera. (And he’s all mine ♥)

They’re not as intimidating as their pictures make them look, I promise – haha. This year already kicks ass with the incredible team I’ve been working with  – Sure Fire Entertainment, Live ‘n Loud Magazine, Headquarters, Johnny Rawkhard, Vicki King’s killer makeup skills, Julie & Conrad…  not to mention all the incredible friends who have been tossing in a hand here and there.


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