We’ve Moved!


And by we, I mean me. I’ve gone and had extensive plastic surgery on my website, it was a long and hard healing process but the end result was worth it. Website is now more sleek, sharp, and extensively ME! So update those bookmarks – you can find me at http://www.sandralee.ca The long name is gone, and I have something way more Canadian (because I am one, o Canada, o -o -o Canada).

What you WILL find at the new website:

-Bigger, sharper photos
– Brand spanking new, easy to navigate, galleries.
– Lyric titles for everything. This might be confusing for you at first if you’re not a music buff, but it openly encourages you to go to itunes and find these songs and download them. Enjoy a little bit of music from all ends of the spectrum. You can never have enough music in your life!!
– Eventually, client galleries will be hosted here too – with a paypal pay option!

I adore my new sites! ❤

What’s been going on with me? Shot a few incredible events which I’ll blog soon enough… for now I’ll leave you with a little Hope.

A little Hope


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