Grad Season.

I swear I haven’t forgotten about this blog, I just had a weekend of FOUR Grad’s. I was flat out. It’s utterly exhausting doing all these Grads, but so well worth it when they see their prints and are extremely happy with them! I have very personal sessions for all my Grads, alotting 1-3 hours per session and we have ALOT of fun with them. Most of the girls are easy to work with, make that all of them so far have been easy to work with and willing to do any silly thing I ask them.

Each of these grads have about 4-5 hours of post processing involved which is tiring. I use a laptop so my fingers have blisters 😦

I’ll post more later, but here’s one to tie you over. Ashley’s hair and dress stopped me in my tracks when I walked into her house!


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