Sci Fi Convention

Tonight I stopped by the Sci Fi convention at Holiday Inn on assignment for the Current for the Masquerade ball (aka; costume contest). I am far from a Science Fiction fan, my only claim to fame at this convention was having more than the normal amount of knowledge about Harry Potter. My Star Wars knowledge came from Star Wars Lego game for xbox 360, so I was a fish out of water for sure. However there was a group of three young boys there, a set of twins and a little boy dressed as Jango Fett who was quite possibly the cutest little boy I’ve ever seen. He was around 7 years old, and was so charismatic. Him and his friends the twins spent most of the masquerade running around with their light sabers role playing and I had more fun laughing at them than at the rest of it.

I had a brief chat with their parents who seemed proud over their three little star wars fans, it was quite possibly the cutest moment I’ve had in a while.

So meet the three little boys who stole my heart tonight. Ha ha. Their parents should go to bed with smiles on their faces as they clearly stole the show tonight.


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