Oh No!

Oh No!

The worst thing to ever happen to a digital photographer happened last night while I was trying to back up my files. They deleted. All 50,000 photos deleted. So I’ve been up all night slowly trying to restore each and every individual one and It’s not an easy thing. Everyone says “why didn’t you have them backed up” well that’s what I was doing when they all went ka-blooey! BUT luckily I know how to save deleted files so fear no more, it’s a long process but I have them all! It’s along and exhausting process, but it’s happening.

The client day yesterday went pretty good, we had a lovely woman who was 6 months pregnant come in with her sister, to get a few maternity shots/family shots and they turned out BEAUTIFUL! (If I do say so myself) Once all my photos are finished restoring I’ll post one from the session, she was the definition of a glowing pregnant mother.

This is a short one because I have SO much work to do! So enjoy the picture!

– Sandra


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