Hi-ho, hi-ho it’s back to class we go.

So it’s client day today, and I think for once I’ll leave my computer home. I’m still not used to getting up this early after the nice long weekend we had, but I’ll deal. I’ve recently bought a domain for myself, and a good friend in the local band Queen’s Maid ( is going to be designing it for me. I’ve been doing alot of work for them at their shows, so we’re creating a barter system, my time for his time. It should turn out pretty fantastic. Right now it’s just two green lines, but eventually it’ll turn into something big!

Pretty neat hey? Last night I went to futureshop to buy an external hard drive for my computer as being a photographer you tend to use ALOT of hard drive space. We got a great deal on an open box special, and when we got home we figured out why. The screws were missing and it wouldn’t connect! Oh well better luck next time.

I’m off to get ready for class, here’s a picture from one of the Queen’s Maid’s show that I continuously cover for them! Enjoy 🙂


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