First Post!

Welcome to my blog everyone!

I’ve decided to keep you all up to date on my happenings, shoots and school work. Sometimes if you’re lucky I’ll throw something personal in once or twice. I’m going to try and do a photo a day, but don’t be mad if I can’t keep up – I’m a busy girl! I had one shoot this weekend, as compared to the two I was supposed to do. Last night I visited Ian Foster + band mates in the studio to do a photo session for a featurette in the current. The guys were all very nice and easy to work with (even if some were camera shy). The pictures turned out fantastic and I’ll throw a few in this post to let you see how they came along!

Our client day at the college is tomorrow, so if you’re reading this – every Tuesday we have client day from 1-5, it’s 10.00 for (4) 5×7’s. Great price and MOST of us are easy to work with ha ha.

I just finished up The Fall From Here photo shoot photos last night and they turned out great if I do say so myself, it was a hard spot with lighting to work with but I’m glad I had Maddy there to help me out! Here’s a picture from the studio shoot last night!


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